Over the course of more than 30 years of construction and development since 1985, with the unremitting efforts of all our employees and the generous support of Government, cities and provinces where FiCO resides as well as our partners. FiCO has continuously developed and truly become one of the leaders in Vietnam's construction materials sector.

With 27 units, management points throughout the country, FiCO began to reach to local area and the world in many fields such as manufacturing construction materials, projects build­ing, trading and providing construction services...



The Company has successfully built up FiCO brand name for prestige products and services of member companies such as TAFiCO, Dong Nai Brick and Tile Cor­poration, Cam Ranh FiCO Sand, Hoa An FiCO Stone, Phuoc Hoa FiCO Stone, Thanh Thanh FiCO Joint Stock Company and Vitaly FiCO Joint Stock Company which are special in ceramic and granite tiles, high quality valves from Tan Dinh FiCO Joint Stock Company, FiCO Trading, FiCO Home, FiCO-COREA..., plus remarkable project such as: City Garden Apartment, FiCO Tower, FiCO Star, Hori­zon Apartment, Sai Gon Hiep Phuoc Port, Cai Mep International Port, Nhon Trach No.1 Power Plant...
With the slogan of "Connecting to success" , during the course of establish­ ment and development, FiCO  Corpora­ tion always innovate and constantly improve our products' quality, in order to satisfy the needs and tastes of even-most-demanding customers


Vision - Mission


Constantly developing and contributing to national projects as well as becoming the leading construction materials manufacturer in Vietnam and in the region


We produce products that not only meet the full -pack demand of high-value buildings, but also friend ly environmental and contribute to the creation of modern life

Core value

Core value

  • Innovative: FiCO is constantly innovating, exploring and applying green technology to con­struction projects, with target of high efficiency, energy saving and friendly environment.
  • Professional: FiCO employees are constantly learning, exchanging knowledge, challenging and always maintaining their stability in high intensity work.
  • Effective: FiCO considers this is an important and decisive factor when carrying out production, business and investment activities.
  • Prestigious: By putting our prestige on the top, FiCO considers it as the key to success and creating trust in customers.
  • Devoted: Honoring the laws, FiCO always maintains professional ethics, career morality and considering customers' satisfaction as a measure of growth and development.